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Dr. Freeman is a person who truly cares about her patients (and has magic hands). You can tell by the way that she listens to you, by the way that she carefully adjusts your body, and by the way that she spends time with you. She is not an in and out chiropractor. She looks at the problem, assess it, and works on it. I have had issues with my neck for years, and she has gotten me to a place where I can sleep, and dont have constant headaches/tooth pain. I also am pregnant right now and she is wonderful and gentle working with my body. I feel safe and at peace going in to see her. A major thing that has changed since I have seen her is my constipation. When I see her, I almost cant make it home because she puts something in place in my body that completely unclogs me.

I recommend her with the highest of recommendations. When my family comes into town I will be taking them to her and when my baby is born it will be seeing her right away. ~Toni P. (Denver)

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Dr. Freeman showed me that chiropractic is not just for back injuries!  After learning that my pelvis was not aligned correctly she explained that this could be the cause of my frequent bladder infections.  I got them every 3 months like clockwork for 4 yrs and now I haven’t had one in 2 yrs!!  She is gentle and explains what she is doing. She takes the time to treat you right the first time and doesn’t try to sell you packages.  I haven’t been to a doctor in a long time that paid so much attention to me as an individual and worked with me to heal the whole body in whatever way necessary. Her philosphy is that the body is engineered to take care of itself and that when you are aligned correctly, the messages from the brain are able to make it to the nerves that control the rest of the body.  I am a new believer.  My body feels stronger and even when I get a cold it seems to kick it faster.  She is amazing! ~ Meghan S. (Denver)

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Nichole is how every Dr should treat their patients.  She takes the time to make sure your feeling better and you don’t feel rushed at all.  I went in with sinus conditions, a bum arm and a bad back and she was able to clear my sinuses, fix my arm, and relieve the pain in my lower back.  I”v had sinus problems my whole life and I didn’t know that I could breathe better by visiting a chiro.  I would recommend her to anyone in need of a chiropractor!!! ~ Brian S. (Denver)

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It’s taken me awhile to finally sit down and write this post.  Honestly, it’s just because I’m having a tough time doing Dr. Freeman justice.  She needs a different title; “chiropractor” just doesn’t cut it.  I’ve been to chiropractors and she’s just not like the rest of them.  For the 30 minutes to an hour that she’s with me in the room, healing me is her project.  She cares so little about the money (you can tell that by her prices) and so much about your success, you can feel it right away.  She uses so many different techniques, which is something I always respect in practitioners.  She does cupping (which is just totally magical and incredibly effective), some trigger point massage, some stretching, some heat, and other things that I couldn’t name without describing them in detail.  When I walk in the door, she takes in the whole me.  It’s not about my shoulders hurting so she quickly adjusts my shoulders and sends me out the door.  I get the feeling that she doesn’t want me to leave that office until she’s sure I’m taken care of from head to toe, and that the adjustment is going to last longer than the next morning.    That’s why she spends so much time with her clients; she does a lot of prep work to warm the muscles up before doing the adjustment and often uses other techniques after the adjustment to help everything stay in place as long as possible.

All of these techniques and all her dedication is what makes her exceptional.  It also happens to be what makes me feel so totally amazing after my appointment.  On a physical level, my pain is always significantly diminished.  She won’t let me leave the room until my neck has full range of motion again and my shoulders have calmed down.  I had a problem with my wrist once that lasted over a week (which was concerning since I’m a yoga teacher) and after my adjustment it was gone, completely gone in one attempt.  Since she dedicates so much time to my appointment, she uses tractions and other things to adjust my hips as well (even though I have no pain there) so when I leave, I feel fresh all over.  I feel like I walk differently, like there’s even weight in both of my feet.  I can breathe easier and slower.  My energy level is much better for numerous days afterward and for you fellow yogis out there, my meditation is improved tremendously.  I am able to focus and feel a really balanced movement of energy throughout my whole body.  I’ve started going once a week whether or not I feel pain.  It’s worth every cent to experience all of that.

I have a deep respect for Dr. Freeman.  She’s really a gift; she’s incredibly brilliant at what she does and she happens to also be a really wonderful person.  I would recommend her to anyone without a single moment of hesitation. ~Lauren T. (Denver)