Fusion Chiropractic and Wellness, conveniently located near Denver’s Washington Park, was founded by Dr. Nichole Freeman. She aspired to surround herself with other practitioners who hold her same caring values, and who strive to create a total healing experience for you.

We offer:

Nearly all of our patients are referred to us by other patients. We think that speaks volumes about the care we provide and the results our patients experience. ~Dr. Freeman.
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With individualized care and specialized attention, this alternative medical clinic integrates multiple types of treatment to decrease pain and improve your health and quality of life. Each of our team members is highly educated in their discipline and work together to create total health.

How we are different

We spend real time with our patients

Our patients never feel rushed. Each provider gives you their full attention and expertise for an hour on the first visit. If additional treatment is necessary, visits vary from 30-60 minutes. Never less! Our goal is for you to leave our office feeling much better than when you came in … EVERY single visit.

We listen

The only way for us to know how to “fix” what’s ailing you is to listen carefully as you describe your symptoms. You are the expert when it comes to your body—what hurts, what works and what doesn’t. We combine your history with our expertise, education, and experience in order to properly diagnose your problem and treat accordingly.

We work together

By having several types of therapists in one office, we can collaborate to figure out which treatments are most appropriate for you. Each provider brings a different/fresh perspective to your issue. We bounce ideas off each other and work integratively in order to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

We are focused on results

We like to fix things! We are not a “factory” clinic.  Selling big packages and having you come back 100 times is not our thing; decreasing your pain and improving your quality of life quickly is! We are focused on results. We offer an individualized experience that aims to get you the exact therapy/therapies to get you back to living your life fully in a very short period of time. Dr. Freeman and her team aspire to fix what ails you within just a few visits then provide you with the tools you need in order to maintain your good health.

Fusion is not a spa, but it may feel like it! ~Dr. Freeman